Final Packing!

Our final run-through and gear check made the trip feel very real for the first time. Life in slo has been hectic lately: moving out of houses, scrambling to get ready for the bike trip, and making sure to still spend time with the friends we may not see for a bit didn‘t allow for much down time!

It‘s hard to know what we’ll need along the way and what we will end up wishing we hadn’t brought. The most difficult for me to decide on has been the amount of clothing and the amount of food. The clothing takes up TONS of space and when there’s only 40 liters of space for ~50 days of living and riding, an extra layer for the cold means less space for other necessities. The food has been difficult as well, but more so because fresh food is way too heavy to add to an already heavy setup. Our method (at least for the moment) is to bring mostly dried food that we’ll rehydrate with our stoves, nuts and nut butters for the calorie density, and lots of electrolytes to make sure we don’t become dehydrated and cramped while riding through the desert in the summer!

We‘re currently on the way to the border crossing in Tecate, CA/MX! A massive thanks to Garret and Sage for offering up their time and their vehicles to shuttle us down to our starting point!

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